A Brief History of our Society

Our history goes back to the year 2000 when the first Introduction to Adlerian Counselling Course was tutored by  myself with 9 students as a 15 week twilight course at  Trinity College Carmarthen ( as it was then known).  The College recruited another Introduction Course in the  February of 2001 which was housed in the Scout Hut in Carmarthen Town. The Introduction Course ran at Trinity for the next three years continually.

From these students a request came for a year part time Certificate Course of 180 hours, and Trinity College agreed to advertise and run the course which began in September 2001 with Linda Edwards and Jean Harries as Core Tutors.

The second Certificate Course ran at  Trinity College in   September 2002 and a  third course in 2003.   With three Adlerian Certificate courses completed our students were asking for a Diploma course in order to complete their professional training.  An application was made to the College, but the Principal Dr Medwin Hughes explained regretfully that funding streams had changed and that the College could not accommodate any further training.

Meanwhile, also in 2003, ten counselling colleagues attended  a 6 month Adlerian Introduction Course in the Queens Hall Narberth.  The feeling from all who attended was that as counsellors working for the most part as self-employed, we had enjoyed and benefitted from  the connection and the peer process work that we had done together.  With that in mind we all agreed to see if we could continue that connection and form a working Society, where counsellors could find a place from which to work, so that they had the venue and the support needed to bring help to the community we serve.

In August 2003,  The  profit from the Counsellors course was placed in a  bank account to begin a working fund and we had our first meeting of the Organising Committee of the  Adlerian Society of West Wales Committee  in May 2003 where   it was agreed we would seek Charity Status

By September 2003, we had gained further support and we were ready to appoint Trustees to put forward in our bid for Charitable Status.   Also at this time we needed a premises where we could meet, counsel and train.  A group of us set about looking at rented premises, but all were either unsuitable or too expensive and there was nowhere big enough to train.   The  solution was found in the taking out of a loan and the  purchase of  a property at a low price which could be restored to make a counselling and training  centre.

A property was found, in September 2003, and  work was begun on a derelict Victoria town house in St James Street.  It took real leadership in the form of Phil and a dedicated team of local builders + 6 months of  continuous work, before the first Introduction Course was held there in 2004.

  • That was then, now we have grown to some 70+ members.
  • The Certificate course in September 2016 will be our 16th Certificate
  • The Diploma starting in 2016 with be our 9th Diploma Course
  • We have an office team of 3 who oversee the admin.
  • Some 250 people per year are seen and counselled at the Centre.

Our whole enterprise would not exist without the goodwill, co-operation and effort of the tutors, staff, students, committee   and friends/donors of the Society.  To date we have received no government or public funding for our running costs.  Our members pay fees to belong and support us, we rent out our rooms to professionals for income and the courses we run all contribute to our running costs.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many fine people who continuously strive to look after others as well as their own selves.  Without such Social Interest we would not be able to do what we do.

by Linda Edwards, Trustee.