This three-year, part-time course is designed to offer training of sufficient duration and depth to equip the successful student to practice professionally in the role of counsellor. The three-year course leads to a Diploma in Adlerian Counselling which is BACP Accredited. There is an exit point at the end of the first year with a Certificate in Adlerian Counselling; students should be aware, however, that the Certificate on its own is not a BACP-Accredited course.

Course Entry

Year 1 of the course (certificate level) is open to those aged 23 or over who have completed an Introduction to Adler course.

Year 2 of the course (diploma level) is open to those aged 25 or over who have satisfactorily completed all components of Year 1; or who have obtained a certificate in another valid counselling approach together with some approved Adlerian training please contact the ASoW for further details.

Course Selection

Applications are welcomed from interested persons regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Every effort will be made to accommodate those with physical or learning disabilities.

In the selection process staff will wish to assure themselves that applicants are sufficiently emotionally and psychologically robust to undertake the personal and academic challenges of the course.


The tutor team for each year of the course consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of four core tutors drawn from the staff members listed below. Years 2 & 3 of the course are staffed by the same tutor team unless exceptional circumstances arise that would prevent this. Each tutor team may also include one trainee tutor on placement. At least two tutors are present at every session. Other visiting trainers may present modules or workshops.

Linda Edwards, MBACP(Accred.), UKRPC registered, MASoW, MASIIP, Cert. Ed., MA (Oxon), M.Ed. Human Relations, Dip. Adlerian Counselling, Cert. Adlerian Supervision, Cert. CBT Therapy

Imogen Frere Clarke, MBACP(Accred.), UKRCP registered, MASoW, Dip. Couns., Cert. Adlerian Supervision, Cert. Adlerian Training, Cert. Introduction to Adlerian Family Counselling

Ann Watling, MBACP(Accred.), UKRCP registered, MASoW, Dip. Adlerian Counselling, Dip. Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Cert. Adlerian Training

Sue Swan, MBACP(Accred.), UKRCP registered, MASoW, Dip. Adlerian Counselling

Stephen Allsopp, MBACP, UKRCP registered, MASoW, BSc. Integrative Counselling

Alex Marsden, MBACP, MASoW, MA Fine Art, Dip. Adlerian Counselling, Cert. Adlerian Training, Cert. Adlerian Family Counselling


Course Programme

The course programme ensures that full attention is paid to achieving a balance of work on:

  • the understanding of counselling theory and clinical issues;
  • the acquisition of counselling attitudes and advanced skills;
  • using group and individual supervision;
  • monitoring and furthering personal and professional development;
  • practical counselling experience;
  • ethical and spiritual dimensions of counselling.

Student Assessment

The course will establish an assessment discourse, in the context of which participants will experience tutor assessment, peer assessment, and the constant challenge of self-assessment.  Students are assessed throughout the course on all elements of the Course Programme (described above) through recorded tutor observation and regular assignments designed to measure progress and attainment. There is a formal assessment and feedback process for written assignments and submissions of coursework. Regular individual tutorials offer the opportunity to monitor perceptions and assessment. The course underlines the centrality of developing self-assessment skills for the trainee counsellor as core professional practice: at the end of the course students submit their own self-evaluation of their competence in all areas of the training, which is also assessed and reported on by tutors in a final Training Report to the Adlerian Society UK (ASIIP) when applying for the award of the Diploma.

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