Diploma Level Years 2 & 3 – Combined Certificate and Diploma in Adlerian Counselling

 Diploma Level – Years 2 & 3 (BACP accredited)

Diploma Level Years 2 & 3 are designed to offer training of sufficient duration and depth to equip the successful student to practice professionally in the role of counsellor.  The completed Diploma in Adlerian Counselling  is BACP Accredited (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

The complete three-year part-time course  provides a firm foundation in counselling theory, skills, practice and personal development, using an integrative approach underpinned by the theory and practice formulated by Alfred Adler ( 1870-1937), whose thinking has influenced psychodynamic, cognitive and humanistic approaches. Adlerian counselling takes an holistic view of the person in his or her social setting, exploring the purpose of their behaviour and the influence of childhood memories and experience on challenges faced in the here and now.  It emphasises a counselling relationship based on equality, respect and encouragement and is taught at our Counselling and Training Centre in Narberth.

The course presents a thorough training in both the theory and practice of counselling with an emphasis on experiential work and personal development. Students are required to have a minimum of twenty hours of their own personal counselling during each year of the course.  The Adlerian Centre has a list of local counsellors, some of whom offer reduced rates to students.

Structure of the Course

The course begins in September and ends in June/July each year and takes place in the Adlerian Centre, a purpose-built facility in Narberth, Pembrokeshire. There are 30–33 weeks in each academic year, divided into 3 terms of varying lengths to accommodate school holidays. Students are additionally required to attend a minimum of 4 approved Saturday CPD training days per academic year.

Year 2 (diploma level) begins with a full Saturday (10.00–4.15)

Year 3 ends with a full Saturday (10.00–4.15). There may also be further weekend seminars and/or a residential component in Years 2 and/or 3, depending on numbers and need. The diploma course is run every two years, currently in the afternoons; it may also be possible to offer an evening course in the alternate years  if there is sufficient demand.

Weekend and residential dates will be notified well in advance; attendance at ALL these sessions is a fundamental and non-negotiable requirement of the course.



The FULL cost of training is £2,900 per annum** (£500  deposit non-returnable) and 10 monthly installments are available upon application.   This includes:

  • all course tuition;
  • all course administration;
  • all course materials;
  • the cost of 4 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days, provided by the Society, each year;***
  • membership of ASoW for the academic year;
  • professional indemnity insurance in respect of client work carried out through a placement at the Centre (for students on Years 2 & 3);
  • annual membership of ASIIP (who award the Diploma).

Entry Requirements Minimum age: 25 years Students are required to have received a minimum of 180 hours on a counselling certificate course prior to starting the Diploma. Acceptance on the course is subject to satisfactory interview. Openness, capacity for learning, and readiness for personal development, may prove more important than past academic achievement.

Diploma Modules

The course programme ensures that full attention is paid to achieving a balance of work on:

    • the understanding of counselling theory and clinical issues;
    • the acquisition of counselling attitudes and advanced skills;
    • using group and individual supervision;
    • monitoring and furthering personal and professional development;
    • practical counselling experience;
    • ethical and spiritual dimensions of counselling.

Core Tutors

There are three professionally qualified core tutors in the team and two of them present at every session. Other visiting trainers may present modules or workshops.


For Further information see our INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS brochure.



* The Adlerian College of Wales reserves the right to make changes to the dates and course content where necessary

**Costs subject to confirmation

*** CPD days approved by Adlerian Society of Wales, any other CPD at students personal cost