Adlerian Teacher Training Certificate 2017-2018

by Linda Edwards


In order to plan securely for the future of Adlerian courses in West Wales, I have had to think through how they are staffed and how quality is assured.  We have need of further trainers to work on our Introduction team and to staff our new College. In 2004 I ran the first Adlerian Training Certificate which trained 8 qualified counsellors in the skills and expertise to become trainers of Adlerian Psychology.  Other courses were run to train students in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and now 2017. My experience as a teacher and University teacher-trainer has been invaluable in planning this programme of study.

This training is offered to any Adlerian Counsellor or student counsellor, who aspires to train or who has past experience of teaching or training. The training will take place at the Adlerian Counselling Centre in Narberth, West Wales.  Students travelling from other parts of the country and Ireland would need to research a B&B or suitable caravan/hotel accommodation.

 Training Programme

 Phase One:  Training Days

There will be 5 training days at the centre in Narberth

 Phase Two:  Teaching Practice:  possible timeframe (but flexible according to circumstances)

September 2017- June 2018

Student Placement:  in region plus 2 observations by home tutor and tutorial with written feedbacks to student and a copy to Training Tutor on Course Programme.

Course Placements

Depending on the past experience of the student, placements are given.  So for example in the past on this course in Wales – we already had two students on the programme who had done extensive training but not in Adlerian Counselling, so their placement was to teach two mornings on our Certificate Course during their second year of the programme where their ability to understand and teach Adlerian work was observed and assessed. Another student who had had experience in training Life Skills joined with a fellow Adlerian on the course and started a new Introduction to Counselling Skills course which they ran in Mid Wales. The students who were novices to training, cut their teeth by teaching half sessions on the Introduction Courses, followed by full sessions.  One student had the time to support me as a tutor and track a whole Introduction course from beginning to end.  I gave her a ‘slot’ every evening and she learned that way. Now we have training placements on Our Well Being courses. There is therefore flexibility on the course to make sure that students get the experience they need to progress at their own level.  As long as the skills and abilities earmarked as essential are seen to be competent, the way in which they are practised in the home group is flexible. If there is anyone in the Adlerian Society of Wales or elsewhere who feels they have the potential to be a trainer and who would like to attend the course please get your deposit and an application form to the Adlerian Centre and they will confirm your place on the course.


Download the information Flyer HERE