Past Projects

Job Centre Counselling at our Cardigan Centre. 2013 – 2015

Our Cardigan administrator Suzanne Jenkins  met with the Job Centre team and  a partnership with them operated as follows:

  • Jobcentre advisors signposted appropriate ‘customers’ to Cardigan Low Cost Counselling.
  • If the customer / client then chose to take up the option of counselling with us, the Jobcentre  funded the assessment and six counselling sessions at £10 each from their Advisor Discretion Fund.
  • To remove a further potential barrier, the Jobcentre  also paid their travel costs through the same system they access for interview costs etc.

In respect of the Jobcentre Plus obligation to support their customers the agreement is (probably) unique in Wales and the U.K. At the time of writing, The Engagement/Partnership Manager is not aware of this sort of pro-active and holistic approach to customer support being offered anywhere else in the Jobcentre system.

As a result of the Job Centre counselling, 3 clients are now volunteering with the Welcome visitor Scheme and helping out in their community to the benefit of all.