Low Cost Counselling

At the Adlerian Society of Wales, we offer the Low Cost Counselling Service to enable everyone to access counselling when they feel they need it.


The Low Cost Service

Our Low Cost Counselling service is run by our trainee counselors who are in their 3rd year of training. These trainees cover a wide range of issues such as depression, low self esteem, anxiety. All of our trainees have full supervision and use psychotherapy based on Adlerian principles.


How It Works

When you contact thUdalle Centre for Low Cost Counselling, A qualified counselor will be contacted and arange to book you in for an assessment appointment. If they feel it is suitable for both you and the trainee, they will refer you on to one of our trainee counsellors.

If you would like to know more about this service or to book an assessment with a qualified counsellor please contact us below

Email: office@adleriansocietywales.org.uk 

                                                                                 Telephone: 01834 860330

             or to Book an appointment online click here