Our Mission & Vision

We want to change the way mental health is seen.  Instead of it being a “disease” or a “disorder”: something you possess, we see the majority of mental disorders as behaviours you (often unconsciously) USE to help you through some of the horrors and dark places of life you have experienced. Wherever there is genuine demand and inadequate provision, we want to make a contribution towards the relief of suffering

Even today there is stigma and discrimination against people who suffer mental health episodes or conditions. Instead we want to see well-trained committed counsellors and therapists who have practiced and refined their skills of insight, awareness, non-judgmentalism and empathy, working towards giving the very best service to those in our community who are suffering.

We want to see tortured and chaotic minds find rest, respite and recovery.

The Adlerian Society’s Mission

Our mission is to encourage and support people of all ages to move from an emotional “felt minus” to a “felt plus”, using the psychology of Alfred Adler.

We will take ACTION:

A =Adlerian Psychology: to make it known and understood in the community

C =Counselling: low-cost and full-cost by trained committed professionals

T =Training: for Businesses, Social Services, NHS, Parents/Families, Individuals

I  = Inset: for teachers and pupils in Schools

O= Ongoing support work: with the Elderly, the Bereaved and the Unemployed

N= No:  to despair, discouragement and defeat

We will to the very best of our ability model to our clients, students and staff what Alfred Adler called “Social Interest”:  co-operation, equality, respect and responsibility

Perceiving the Need

The choice of where we put our energy and focus and on the programmes we seek funding for will be related to the perceived and evidenced needs which we find in our local community and wider in Wales as a whole.

Before deciding a new programme, our Trustees will confer with each other and the wider body of Committee and Members to ensure that we are focused on a challenge which is needful and well within our capabilities.

By investing time and effort to improve our understanding of the need, our proposed solutions will be better focussed and stand more change of making a contribution to the quality of people’s lives.

This service is funded by the hire of our rooms, the courses we run and the membership fees and private donations of those who support us.  We receive no government or short time grants for our running costs.  In 2014 we celebrated 10 years of work in the community.