Past Peer Mentoring Projects

In Pembrokeshire Schools

Our Society has been privileged to visit  a number Pembrokeshire Schools and deliver Peer Mentoring Programmes to Yr 9 pupils. There are always two course tutors at every session and all  our tutors are dual trained as counsellors but also as qualified teachers or lecturers. If you would like to contact us about the possibility of our coming to your school to work with pupils in this way, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to keep the costs to the school at a minimum and join with you to enhance the experience and well being  of the young people in our schools today.


The funding from Milford Haven Port Authority provided the support for all of the training and follow up MAST support at Milford Haven.  The Lottery Awards For All  provided top up funding for Sir Thomas Picton,  and Greenhill schools both of whom contributed financially.   The Adlerian Society of Wales has provided the additional funds for the first cohort of Peer mentors and continues to support the project.

Past Schools Visited 

Greenhill School  2010 AND 2011

Greenhill became the first school in Pembrokeshire to link with the Adlerian Society of Wales and introduce peer mentoring training.

Following a tragic local teenage suicide, the project was initiated to support fellow pupils to provide a listening ear for signs of problems and possible bullying.  The first cohort of 26 students completed their training in 2010 and these yr10 mentors began working within Year 8 form groups.

The second Greenhill Cohort of mentors completed their training on Monday 12th December 2011 with 20 students and they have been allocated to year 7 tutor groups. A joint celebration day was organised for the last week of term, a combined group session with meditation and relaxation along with stress release tips and a lunch for all the Peer Mentors.  Many thanks were given to Neil Martin, the head of year 9 who was also the Greenhill Peer Mentor Coordinator working tirelessly to support the project and encourage the team to utilise their mentoring skills within the school environment.

Milford Haven  2011

The training was given to  sixteen Year 9 pupils, who  moved into Year 10 and offeredsessions at break times in an allocated Peer Mentor corner.  Our training team had a great Christmas celebration together with the pupils at the school and we were delighted that our office administrator could join the team to add that personal touch by individually completing the names on each certificate and also she met the pupils themselves!   Some meditation and breathing exercises was offered to the Peer Mentor team and the  Certificates of Achievement were handed out to these well deserving pupils at the School Assembly presentations on Monday 19th December 2011.

For a time following the initial training follow up group sessions MAST (Mentoring Action Support Training) was ongoing.  The Peer Mentors from Milford have been really proactive taking part in Year 6 transition evenings  and also they asked to be included in visits to feeder school Year 6 visits

Sir Thomas Picton 2011, 2012 and 2013

In 2011 27 students from Year 9 joined a Peer Mentoring Programme.  There were 16 pupils present at every training session which commenced at the end of October 2011.  When the training was completed, we understand that Peer Mentors were  supporting students in the Blue Lagoon area of the school during break times. Thanks here to Helen Llewellyn for her support and encouragement to get this training up and running in her busy school schedule! We worked with another group of Peer Mentors in 2012 and again in 2013.

Ysgol Dewi Sant, St David’s School  2014

We are liaising with the School and the Chair of Governors to deliver training in the School during the Autumn of 2014.