The Adlerian Approach to Counselling & Therapy

Adlerian Counsellors are trained to work sensitively with you at your own pace in a confidential non-judgmental way.

As we get older we get “stuck” in childhood logic and behaviour, not realizing that the childhood survival strategies and personal beliefs we created for managing our early life have become the lens through which we now view the world.

Adlerians believe in human creativity and the power of choice. Having created past beliefs and coping strategies, we can work towards changing ourselves and our habitual ways of behaving.

Adlerian Counsellors help you to get insight and understand the purpose of your own behaviour – why you do what you do. There is a purpose to all behaviour.


Adlerian Counsellors encourage and help you to gradually move away from feeling inferior and from negative ways of protecting your self esteem. They explore with you how to feel more capable and  connected in your life and valued for  the person you really are.

To Summarise Adlerian Counselling is


    We use a variety of methods  that help our clients to identify his or her specific needs.  The approach is client-centred and interactive between counsellor and client.  The client is unique; therefore, the pace, tone and method used must fit the personality of the client.


    The attempted goal of therapy is to bring each person to an optimal level of personal, interpersonal, and occupational functioning. Adler thought that as human beings we possessed our own creative power to consciously shape human personality and destiny.


    The goal of the therapy is to stimulate cognitive, emotional and behaviourial change. Change occurs when the client is able to gain insight into unconscious motivations so that he or she can explore and practice new ways of being in the world.